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Have you been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and experienced no relief from your painful symptoms? There are multiple home remedies and treatments that claim to help alleviate your foot nerve damage; however, chronic pain that may keep you from sleeping through the night needs to be addressed with a more aggressive treatment plan.

Living with neuropathy pain can leave you fatigued, frustrated, and keep you off your feet. Although there is no cure for neuropathy, seeking help from your local podiatrist’s office can help you gain the information and treatment options available for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure neuropathy pain any longer! Foot and ankle specialist Meeta Pancholi is professionally trained and experienced to help eliminate neuropathy symptoms that have kept you from living life with your feet at their full operating potential. Make an appointment to come visit our office and to have your neuropathy condition evaluated.  She will provide the form of treatment that is right for your feet with the best possible chance for pain to be eliminated.

Depending on the condition of your feet, one treatment option our office provides that is known to be successful in alleviating foot pain is steroid injections. This type of injection therapy is directly injected into the affected areas of the foot that are most painful. Treatment is performed in a series of in office visits, but usually three sessions are necessary in order for pain relief to be experienced.

Overall, the goal of injection therapy or any other treatment option our office provides for peripheral neuropathy is to slow the progression of the condition, to maintain your foot health, and to decrease pain experienced in order to improve your life experience.

If you’re tired of suffering from painful feet due to nerve damage, or are questioning symptoms you’re experiencing that may be associated with neuropathy, contact our office today. Together, we can prevent neuropathy pain from affecting your life with the most effective and efficient treatment.


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