• Have You Lost Your Nerve?

    on May 21st, 2017

Not all pain is the same. If you experience burning, tingling pain that is persistently present, especially at night, then you are not alone. This pain often represents nerve problems which could be present from the back, leg, feet, or underlying medical problems. 

We see many patients from the Allentown area that seek us out for help with chronic leg and foot pain that have not had help through traditional medications. 

Finding the reason for the pain is the first step in finding the best treatment. We treat lower extremity nerve problems effectively through a combination of physical therapy, nutritional supplements, and in advanced cases surgery. 

Regardless of the reason for your pain, a thorough evaluation can help determine the best plan of care to treat you. 

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing nerve pain, make your appointment to be seen now at our nearby locations in Palmerton or Hazleton.

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