• How to choose the best running shoes

    on Mar 19th, 2018

Even if you don't run, running shoes should be part of everyone's shoe collection. All have the benefit of supporting the foot through the heel, ball of foot, or both with features to address stability and/or cushioning. The exception is a minimalist shoe meant for people who want to feel the road/terrain. 

It's important to know what foot type you have and where you need support. A higher arched foot will need more padding at the ball and heel. A flat foot will need support through the arch and a more reinforced area at the inside wall of the shoe to help control inward rolling of the foot. A neutral foot benefits from the support and cushioning throughout a shoe. 

For some people additional support may be needed that cannot be addressed completely through a shoe. In this case an orthotic can make the difference. With the right orthotic and shoes your feet will thank you!

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