• How to Fix a Hammertoe

    on Sep 28th, 2017

With the colder weather approaching, we are sadly leaving our open toe footwear behind. If you have bent toes or hammertoes, then this transition can literally be more painful for you.

Toes that don't have the flexibility to straighten will experience pressure from the top of the shoe. Choosing a soft top shoe, rounded toe box or deep toe box can help alleviate the pressure. In some cases, pressure points are on the tips of the toes. A softer insole can help or cushioned toe caps. 

Ultimately, straightening the toes is accomplished through surgical intervention. Recovery can be as fast as 3 weeks with resolution of pain and the problem of fitting into different shoes.

If you are suffering from painful toes, don't wait to get help. Make an appointment with us online at our Palmerton or Hazleton office. 

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