• How to Resolve Foot Pain Without Medication

    on Jun 28th, 2017

Many of our Lehigh Valley patients want to know how to quickly resolve their pain without the use of medications. Most often, they are looking to avoid the use of oral medication. Here are treatment tips which work best when used early after the onset of pain.

Heel pain: ice and stretching work great when used early. Choosing an appropriate arch support can also help.

Ankle pain: ice and compression work well to support the ankle and treat inflammation. Increasing strength through exercise can help once pain starts to calm down/resolve.

Toe pain: most often we are referring to bunion and hammertoes (poorly aligned toes). While the toe position isn't going to correct without surgical intervention, toe splints, inserts, and stretching can help with the pain. Proper shoe selection can make a large difference.

Ball of foot/arch pain: here, again, the appropriate shoe and insert can make all the difference. Stretching exercises can soothe deep tissues that are overworked as well as ice.

If you are experiencing foot pain that is not improving, let us help you. Use our book online feature to schedule your appointment now at our Hazleton or Palmerton office (20 minutes from the Lehigh valley). We offer same day appointments.

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