• Leg Pain

    on May 15th, 2017

Leg pain? You might be at risk for stroke.

Leg pain can be present for many different reasons, but leg pain in the presence of poor circulation can actually represent a potential blockage of an artery. Blockages of arteries will increase the blood pressure and potentially cause leakages of blood into the brain resulting in a stroke.

The arteries bring the blood and oxygen to the legs and feet. When these "pipes" are blocked, the muscles do not get the nutrients they need to function. This will lead to cramping and pain. Cramping of the legs while walking or when the legs are elevated is often from this lack of blood flow.

There are interventions that can be done but a screening exam would be the first step. Depending on the severity and amount of arteries involved, procedures may be recommended to open the blocked arteries.

If you have consistent pain in your legs, consider seeing a foot and ankle specialist.

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