Permanent solutions for an ingrown nail

If you have ever suffered from an ingrown nail, then you know the agonizing pain it can cause. It’s not only painful, but seems to keep recurring every few months.

Often, the cure is also the problem. When a nail is cut back at the edges temporary relief is felt but then the skin grows up to meet the vacant edge. And then swelling and pain start again.

The ideal remedy is to have the nails cut straight across so that there is no empty edge for the nail to get stuck. A tiny piece of cotton applied under the nail edge can help to lift it passed where it is stuck.

Failing this intervention, professional help is likely best. The offending nail edge can be removed after an injection of local anesthesia. This will provide relief but the nail will grow back. This solution works well if you typically do not have problems but are experiencing a one time issue. For people that have recurrent ingrown nail problems, a chemical is put into the nail root after the nail edge is removed and then the nail border does not grow back.

If you or someone you know is suffering pain from an ingrown nail make an appointment with us today. We can often get you in on the same day.

Dr. Meeta S. Pancholi

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