Spring is coming: pick the right sandal

But what sandals are good to wear?

Generally speaking, open toe sandals for both men and women provide more room for the toes. Depending upon your activity, your sandal will have to adjust to your environment.

A rubber soled sandal with ankle strap is the most sturdy and fabric straps vs leather allow for better air flow.  If your circulation is compromised, or you have diabetes, then a rubber toe guard front is best to protect this fragile foot from injury.

If you can wear a dressy sandal, then ladies should choose a more square toe insole with a block heel or wedge with an ankle strap for stability and comfort. The height of the heel can vary to comfort but over 2.5 inches starts to put extra stress upon the ankle.

Choose your shoes wisely and your feet will thank you!  If you have any pain or problems with your toes and feet call or schedule your appointment online with us now!

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