• You need to know: The top 5 reasons why foot wounds won't heal

    on May 5th, 2017

Wounds in the lower extremity often have a more difficult time healing
compared to other parts of the body.

Reasons for delayed healing may include contributions from other conditions
as follows:

1. Infection: a wound dealing with bacterial overload will be slow to
heal. A wound culture, antibiotics, and/or debridement may be necessary.

2. Pressure: foot wounds in particular, are susceptible to pressure
forces whether from a person's walking pattern or from a shoe. Alleviating
excess pressure upon the wound either through pressure relief padding,
specialty shoes or inserts may be necessary. For some people, their
foot position or structure can also be causing the pressure problem.
3. Swelling: Wounds in the leg often occur due to excessive pressure to
the skin from swelling. Chronic swelling commonly may be due to lymphatic
problems, heart problems, high blood pressure or varicose veins.
Control of the swelling with compression therapies and medications can help
heal the wound.
4. Poor circulation: wounds require adequate blood flow to heal. Blood
flow studies may be necessary to examine any problems with the arteries. If
the circulation is inadequate, a procedure to open the blood vessels may be
5. Incorrect treatment: wounds tend to change their behavior and
treatment needs to change as well. Staying with the same treatment can
potentially slow down wound healing.

If you have a wound that is not showing progress, see a foot and ankle
specialist to determine the best treatment.

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