• What is That Clicking and Popping in My Ankle?

    on Jul 18th, 2017

Popping sounds typically are within the joint and can be from the joint fluid being pushed out much like "cracking" your knuckles.  Sometimes, though, the popping/cracking can be small bone fragments or inflamed tissue getting caught in the joint. This may be painful until the caught tissues or bone pieces are pushed out of the compressed part of the joint. 

Snapping sounds arising from the outside of the ankle is often the slipping of tendons against the bone.  Over time, this tendon displacement can become painful and result in damage to the tendon. 

Treatment for ankle issues initially involves addressing inflammation and excess stress to the joint.  This can be done with ice, bracing, and rest.  Oral medication or injections into the joint can be helpful.  

Pain that does not respond to conservative measures should be evaluated through x-ray or MRI exam. An arthroscopic procedure may be recommended for both diagnostic and treatment so that inspection and a flushing/cleaning of the joint is done. For tendon problems, repair of the tendon placement is done to brace it place. 

If you have sounds in your feet that are painful, make your appointment with us online now to get the help you need. 

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