• What is that painful bump on the back of my heel?

    on Feb 26th, 2018

Heel pain can come in many forms. In the back of the heel, the Achilles tendon attaches to the calcaneus or heel bone. For some people, tightness of the heel cord can create a spur and this can rub into the tendon. Conservative treatments such as ice, therapy for stretching, shoe modification may all fail as the bone continues to press into the tendon. 

In other cases, the back of the heel is simply very prominent. This is often the genetic shape of the heel. Here also, depending upon the size of the prominence, conservative measures may not be effective. 

Surgical interventions can resolve pain and get you back to activity in about 2 months with the ability to wear shoes much more comfortably. 

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic heel pain, make an appointment to see us in our Palmerton or Hazleton office. 
We are a quick drive from Allentown and are happy to provide appointments within 24 hours. 

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