• What patients from Allentown don't know: Your feet can tell you about your health

    on Jun 5th, 2017

Most people are not aware that changes in their feet can be signs of other health problems. In fact, there are a number of diseases that show up in the feet first.

Here are some of the more common diseases that can be diagnosed from the feet:

Diabetes: often tingling or numbness can show up in the feet before the disease is officially diagnosed. It can be an early sign of potential diabetes.

Gout: gout is most often found in the feet as the disease likes to show up in the cooler parts of the body. It will be seen as a bright red, and perhaps exquisitely painful and red joint.

Peripheral vascular disease: poor/absent pulses are a harbinger for blockages in the arteries. This can result in not only pain to the legs and feet, but also carries a risk for stroke.

Rheumatoid arthritis: this arthritis can present early as small joint pain in the hands and the feet. Later, the disease will cause drifting of the toes to the side.

Heart disease: this includes high blood pressure, congestive heart failure. Chronic swelling of the feet and hands represents the body's inability to balance water. This is a common condition present when the blood flow is compromised because of the heart.

Neurological conditions: the nerves control the muscles and the smaller muscles of the feet tend to be affected early. This may present as changeto the shape of the foot.

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