• Why are my toes crossed?

    on Jan 17th, 2018

Do you have toes that crossover one another? 

This is not an unusual problem and is often not only genetic but comes with other foot deformities. These toes likely started out as hammertoes or drifting toes. Over time, they started to sit over one another and then they became painful in shoes. 

They are usually accompanied by bunion deformities and arch height extremes (either flat or very high). The stress that goes through the foot results in the toes trying to help balance the foot... crossing toes the result. 

While splints and pads can help alleviate the pressure from the poor position of the toes, these devices will not correct the deformity. Surgical intervention can be performed to repair the torn tendons in the bottom of the foot, release and lengthen tight tissues, and remove a bit of bone to realign the toes. 

Rebalancing the toes will help with walking and overall stability of the foot. If you suffer from crossover toes, call us at our Palmerton or Hazleton office to schedule your appointment now.

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