Why Calluses Keep Coming Back

Those painful lumps on your feet seem to always return no matter what you do. You may be wondering what you are doing wrong. 

Calluses are the body's way of protecting the skin from excess pressure and friction. So as long as those conditions exist the calluses will continue to return. In addition, the skin has memory and so the callus may return for a bit even after the causative factors are addressed. 

Most often, calluses on the toes are from shoe or toe pressure. Spacers or cushions between the toes can help reduce the pressure as well as wearing shoes that are more roomy or flexible in the toe box. 

Calluses on the bottom of the feet may be present because of dryness or because of walking patterns that produce high pressure areas. Heavy moisturizer in the form of a cream or ointment will reduce friction and help to resolve the calluses. Sometimes sweat ducts in the foot become blocked and an additional exfoliating product would be needed. In the case of calluses from high pressure areas, padding or insoles can help make the difference. 

If you have persistent calluses that you have been unable to resolve, we can help. Call us or schedule your appointment with us online now! 

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