Why chronic tendon pain in the feet or ankles shouldn’t be ignored

Aches and pains that come and go are a normal part of the body’s early warning system. If you have done a little too much or aren’t loosened up then you have certainly experienced this pain. 

When the foot or ankle pain is in the soft tissue and remains, particularly in a tendon, then opportunity arises for degeneration. In this case, the tendon is unable to recover and fills in the non healing areas with fatty tissue. The tendon may eventually becomes swollen as a result and chronic pain sets in. The area may feel tight and even contribute towards a feeling of numbness.

Early intervention is key to getting better from foot and ankle tendon pain. Treatments may include ice, supportive measures such as bracing or inserts, and stretching/strengthening exercises.

If home treatments aren’t working, then it’s time to see a doctor. A targeted plan to help you recover can prevent the problem from becoming chronic or developing into
a tear. Tears may require surgical repair.

Sometimes chronic tendinitis can also be a sign of biomechanical problems. Proper supportive measures can help here as well. In cases where adequate support cannot be provided through a device, surgery can offer long term resolution to a poorly compensating foot. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic foot or ankle pain, we are here to help. Make an appointment with us now at our Palmerton or Hazleton office through online scheduling or give us a call.

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